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Woman cited for trespassing for entering hospital with fake baby

Tonya Whitney and a man, whom she later identified as her husband, first went into the hospital on Saturday, each carrying a lifelike doll and drawing suspicion from security officials who told the pair to leave, Merced police Capt. Tom Trindad said.

Feds ban school’s beloved "pink cookie"

School children in Elyria, Ohio are mourning the demise of a 40-year tradition – the loss of their beloved pink cookie. The fabled cookie was done in by a pound of butter, six cups of powdered sugar and the Obama administration’s food police.

Inhofe: ISIS wants to attack ‘major US city’

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe warned that the Islamic State is looking to attack a “major U.S. city,” as he urged President Obama to adopt a more aggressive policy.

ISIS sent James Foley’s family chilling email before execution

The Islamic State militants who captured journalist James Foley sent an email last week to his family laying out plans to kill their son in retaliation for the recent U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and its refusal to negotiate prisoner swaps.

The new street drug to watch: Acetyl fentanyl

Emergency doctors may soon see larger numbers of patients who appear to have overdosed on heroin, but have actually taken a relatively new and deadly designer drug called acetyl fentanyl, a researcher says