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Details about first U.S. Ebola patient a mystery

Public health authorities are working to track down anyone who may have come into close contact with a man who was confirmed Tuesday to be the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S.

More bodies found at summit of Japan volcano

Japanese authorities said Wednesday that 12 more bodies have been located near the summit of a volcano that surprisingly erupted over the weekend, bringing the official death toll to 48. 

Oklahoma beheading suspect likely radicalized behind bars, say experts

The family of Oklahoma beheading suspect Alton Nolen has expressed shock at how the ex-con raised in a Christian home could have committed such a gruesome crime, but experts who have long warned about links between terrorist groups and the prison culture believe the seeds of his Islamic radicalization may have been planted behind bars.

White House breach spurs lethal force debate

The stunning White House security breach in which an intruder led officers on a chase through the residence earlier this month has raised a basic question from lawmakers and others -- why didn't the officers use lethal force?